Why does my line automatically switch to standby ?

On web2contact, when used in call center mode, telephone status is important for agents to receive incoming calls. 
The user's telephone status (Ready, Withdrawn or Unavailable) enables him to manage the distribution of calls to his extension.

In the event of absence (temporary or longer), this status will also influence the caller's waiting time in the distribution queue.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Agent status has no effect on outgoing calls. You can make outgoing calls while in the unavailable state.

Available status

3 telephone states are available to users:

  • Ready state: you are ready to receive calls
  • Withdrawn state: you are present but temporarily unavailable to receive calls (on break, debriefing, etc.).
  • Unavailable state: you are absent

The state in automatic retreat

In certain situations, the system may automatically switch you to standby.

  • Either to prevent you from receiving incoming calls while you're working on an outgoing call or ticket campaign. 
  • Or to remove you from the list of available agents, because after several attempts to reach your line, you don't pick up. This is usually the case when agents forget to opt out or unavailable when they leave their workstation.
  • Retract to work on a campaign (Retract Preview & Post-Call)

When you open a contact form or ticket on a campaign, if the campaign is configured by default, your phone status is automatically set to "In Preview". This is to prevent you from receiving an incoming call while the agent is working on a ticket. 

In this situation, the "On hold (Preview)" status is also used to monitor post-call processing time if an outgoing call is made to the file. 

In fact, users have a dedicated time after hanging up to perform the necessary qualification actions on the call (filling in the qualification script, adding an informative comment, setting up a subsequent appointment, sending an e-mail to the customer or prospect, etc.). This time is quantified in the "Post Call Withdrawal" status.
In the advanced settings of your prospecting campaign, automatic call withdrawal is activated by default. It can be deactivated depending on the expected usage.

When the agent returns to the greeting, the status automatically reverts to "Ready", if the system has set the call to be withdrawn and the user has not manually changed the withdrawal status in the meantime. 
To ensure that the user returns to "Ready" status, check that the right to "Switch user to Ready status when returning to Home" is activated in the user profile. If not, the user will have to return to "Ready".

  • Automatic retrieval in case of user forgetfulness

You may come across a situation where a user remains on loan even though he's not in front of his workstation.
In this case, calls arrive on his workstation and ring without him picking up, since he's not there.
To prevent this agent from obstructing distribution and unnecessarily increasing customer waiting time, the system will force the agent to withdraw if it considers that he or she is in fact unavailable.

To do this, after 5 successive failed call distribution attempts (not picked up or manual call refusal) on the same user, the system will automatically switch the user to "Not ready" status.

This means that subsequent calls will no longer be distributed to this absent user, thus limiting customer waiting time.

If you have any questions, please contact support