How autodialing works

Automatic dialing allows the system to automatically launch a call as soon as the prospect's file appears on the teleprospector's screen.

This mode of composition allows for a more sustained pace of work and can be used for "simple" prospecting or cold calling operations.

If a preparation phase is necessary for your agent, we advise you to keep the default mode, preview. In this case, as soon as the teleprospector is ready, all he has to do is click on a ClickToCall button on the contact sheet to start composing the call.

How to activate automatic call dialing

To activate automatic composition, simply check the “Automatic composition” box in the “Advanced” tab of your prospecting campaign settings.
Don't forget to save the changes to your settings.

Compo appel

We recommend also activating “automatic hang-up”.

  • With automatic hang-up: if you resolve your call and move on to the next card, the call will be automatically hung up.
  • Without automatic hang-up: if you resolve your call and move on to the next record, the call will not be hung up, and the call from the new record will be initiated.

You can of course always hang up the first call manually with the “Hang up” button.

What should I do if my file includes multiple phone numbers ?

When automatic dialing is activated, the system will dial the number found in the first available field which contains only numbers and therefore which resembles a telephone number (between 9 and 12 digits).

He will therefore dial the number located in the first field which displays a telephone/click2call icon when you consult the available fields of the file.

Fiche double num

If the first number does not pick up, it will be up to the telemarketer to manually click on the click2call icon in the following telephone fields.

It is therefore recommended to put the telephone number to be contacted as a priority among the first fields of the file.

Do you realize that your file is poorly organized ?

For example, a number, which is not a telephone, appears before your file. If it contains between 9 and 12 digits, the system takes it as a number to dial and places the call on it.

Fiche tel siren

To avoid asking your telemarketers to hang up the call on each card to initiate the call from the correct number, you have 2 options:

  •  return to manual composition
  •  hides the annoying field. In this case, the call is made to the following number

To hide an unwanted field, see the How to Administer Campaign Fields documentation

For any questions, contact support.