How to telework without a webphone

Employees usualy work on-site but an unexpected event requires to telework.

By default, if they use a webphone, teleworking is already an option. But users can encounter a problem with their Internet connection, or mike/headsets, and not want to use the webphone.

We are going to explain how to set up the user account to allow teleworking by using a fixed or mobile line instead of the webphone to receive calls and continue the prospection or phone recepetion activities.

Telephony management

You have a telephony management system integrated to the app. You can call and be called via the app.

3 types of line allow to transit calls :

  • SIP
  • Webphone
  • Classical phone number (fixed or mobile)

In the screenshot below, the webphone line is used.

Capture d e cran 2019 02 26 a 16 31 46

Add a classical phone number

Users must sometimes leave their office, but you want their calls to go wherever they go.

The webphone function allows to deal with that type of situations but in some cases, the user cannot work with the webphone (for instance no headset).

You can then add their mobile or fixed phone number to call or be called, and continue your usual activities.

To do so, you must go to "Manage users" and select the user account to change (See How to configure a user).
You then just have to add the phone number in the "Phone. office" section; don't forget to save changes.

Capture d e cran 2020 03 18 a 10 40 27

Selecting the new line

Once you added the phone number to call or be called, this one appears in the drop-down list located on the right side of the interface (in international format).

You just have to select it.

Capture d e cran 2020 03 18 a 09 54 42

For any questions, contact the Support.