How to telework

You wonder how to extend your teams without having to find new office spaces, or want to offer your employees the possibility of working from home.

You therefore wonder if that is possible through our software?

Not only it is possible, but if you already chose to connect your user through a webphone, that is already working. Done, they are teleworking.

All of our solution is build around remote access. There is nothing to install / set up to be able to work in another place or from another (compatible) device.


Telephony management

Thanks to the telephony management system integrated to the app, you can call or be called via the app.

By default, each user account created is associated to a webphone line that allows to work from any place (Office, home, coworking places..).

Working with the webphone function involves using a headset to plug on the computer (usb or jack plug).

It is possible to temporarily use the hands free if you have a recent system, but we don't recommend it because it can generate parasites or echo sensations.

To activate the webphone, just select it in the drop-down menu on the right and make sure it is connected (green light).

When the user doesn't have any headset to plug on the computer, you can check the How to telework without a webphone page.

For any questions, contact the Support.