How to change the advanced settings of a prospecting campaign

Each prospection campaign made can be fully customized from the manager account (administrator).

Campaign edit

To do this, select the campaign you want to configure, and deploy the notched menu. Select "edit campaign", then the "advanced" tab.

Campagne onglet avance


Details of advanced settings :


Campagne priorite

This field is used to set the priority level of the campaign when multi-campaign prospecting mode is enabled.


Start and end date of a campaign

Campagnes dates

By default, no date is entered.

If you want your users to access a campaign from a fixed date, you can enter a campaign start date. Similarly, if your offer ends on a fixed date and you don't want your users to use this campaign after that date, you can enter an end date.

You have several possibilities to postpone the start or stop of a campaign via the archiving or the withdrawal of the teams working on it, for example. The advantage of this menu is that you can do it beforehand so as not to forget D-Day.

Maximum unreachable

Campagne maxi injoignables

After the number of attempts you define here, when the contact has not been reached, their card is automatically classified as "Unreachable".

For more information on this feature, see the sheet: Why is a contact sheet no longer available for prospecting?

Maximum attempts

Campagne maxi tentatives

At the end of the number of attempts that you define here, no closure status could be recorded (the contact did not have time to respond), his file is automatically classified as "Unreachable".


Block duration

Campagne duree blocage

The blocking duration is the duration during which the form is put on standby between 2 non-blocking statuses, such as the answer of an answering machine for example. The duration is expressed in seconds and is 60 seconds by default.


Caller number

Campagne num appelant

This section allows you to choose the number that will be displayed for outgoing calls from the campaign (this can be one of your numbers or a number that we offer to you).


Automatic indentation

Campagne retrait auto

Automatic withdrawal prevents an incoming call from being received when a prospecting file is open on the agent extension.


Delete alerts

Campagnes supp alertes

This function is used to suppress alerts during the final qualification of a sheet.

For more information, see the page How do I manage alerts ?


Explore the cards

Campagne explorer fiches

Allows authorization to the card exploration menu. The action will be active only on this campaign and on the users assigned to this campaign.

To remove the menu for exploring files on all campaigns, you must go through the management of user rights via the "Domain management" > "Manage users" menu.

In the "Rights" tab of the selected user, you must uncheck the right "Allow to explore files" in the paragraph "campaign management"

For more information, see How do I modify a user's rights?


Campagne enregistrement

Cette rubrique vous permet d'activer ou non l'enregistrement de tous les appels de la campagne.

Pour plus d'informations, consultez la page Comment accéder aux enregistrements d'appels ?


Automatic dialing and hanging up

Campagne compo raccroche auto

Autodial enables progressive mode. The progressive mode allows the automatic dialing of the number as soon as a card is raised by the system.

The automatic hang-up allows you to hang up the call when validating a form.


Administer campaign fields

On the next tab "Campaign fields", you will be able to manage the administration of the fields of a campaign and in particular

  • rename field titles
  • make a field editable or not
  • make a field visible or not
  • reorder the file

See documentation: How do I administer campaign fields?


For any questions, contact support.