How to change the advanced settings of a prospecting campaign

Each prospection campaign made can be fully customized from the manager account (administrator).

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Lexicon of customized settings : 

  • Priority : Allows to define the level of priority of the campaign when the multi-campaigns mode is activated.
  • Start date : Allows to define from which date the campaign can be exploited.
  • End date : Allows to define until which date the campaign can be exploited.
  • Maximum of unreachables : After X attempts, when the contact hasn't been reached, their form gets automatically classified in "Unreachable".
  • Maximum of attempt : After X attempts, when no closure status has been saved (contact didn't have time to respond), their form gets automatically classified in "Unreachable".
  • Blocking period : Period during which the form is locked between 2 NRP status, for instance voicemail (The period is expressed in seconds).
  • Number of the caller : You can choose in a drop-down menu the number which will appear for outgoing campaign calls (It can be one of your own n° or a n° we offer).
  • Withdrawal : Stops the reception of an incoming call when a prospection form is opened on the agent's account.
  • Record : Allows to activate, or not, the recording of all the campaign calls.
  • Automatic dialing : Allows to activate the progressive mode.
  • Automatic hang up : Allows to hang up the call at the time of the form validation; To use systematically when the progressive mode is activated.

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