How to create a prospecting campaign

Creating a prospecting campaign only takes a few minutes and doesn't require any technical skills.

You must first have a contacts to call file in Excel format.

If you don't have any files, you can contact companies specialized in supplying prospecting files.
You will have to make sure that the files supplied are compliant with the existing legislation. 

Overview of a contact file

Your Excel file can contain more or less datas than in the example above.

The calls dialing system supports the majority of phone number formats.

Import the file

Once the file importation is over, the campaign settings page appears.

The last steps before saving the campaign : 

  • Choose the script to use
  • Choose the version of the script to use
  • Assign one or several user groups with a "simple" access
  • Assign one or several user groups with a "supervisor" access

You can also modify the advanced settings of the campaign depending on your needs.

For any question, contact Support.