How to manage exceptional closures

Managing exceptional closures in a call scenario is crucial to ensuring customer satisfaction.
The following process explains how to manage a closure quickly in the event of an exceptional closure :

Create the closure

Choose the scenario you want to modify then click on Pencil to modify it.

Add the TRANSFER action and configure your action with Pencil

Transfer action

Example of an exceptional closure for a public holiday

Click on the Date button condition and select the date your switchboard will be closed.
Then choose the number to which calls will be forwarded. This number can lead to an information message or to the line of another service.

Don’t forget to put this new action at the very top of your scenario.

When a call arrives in the scenario, it will perform the first defined action.

  • If it is the same day as the date defined in the condition, the scenario will perform the action.
  • If it is another day, the call moves to the second action and so on until it goes out of scenario and the call is processed.

For any questions, contact support.