How to bulk edit file fields

You may need to modify a selection of fields or all the fields of a prospecting file, or even delete data.

In order to avoid additional manipulations and upload a new file, you have a "Group modification" function in the campaign menu.

Access to bulk modifications is reserved for administrators of the web2contact account.
For a user to access this functionality, you must activate the "Authorize bulk modification of records" right in the "Rights" tab of the "User management" menu.

How to modify the sheets

Start by displaying the files in your prospecting file via the “Explore files” Oeil icone icon

You can sort the cards using the different filters then check all the lines you want to modify.

In the footer actions, choose "Bulk modification" then "Apply"

Action modif groupee

In the following pop-up you will need to enter: 

  • the field to modify: you will need to select one of the fields in your file from the drop-down list
  • the new value: what you want the values ​​of the selected fields to be replaced with
Pop modif groupee

For any question, contact the Support.