How to unlock a card or ticket

You may notice that certain cards are locked by a user in the list of cards for a campaign. The lock is indicated by the icon Cadenas

Types of lock

3 types of lock are possible :

  • An agent works on the sheet

In this case, the record is locked for other users to avoid duplicate processing. Sometimes it is possible that the agent did not leave the form before disconnecting. In this case, the plug therefore remains locked and it will therefore be necessary to unlock it manually.

Verrou travail 1
  • The lock by assignment

In this case, the record is locked by a user for monitoring a treatment or it has been assigned to him. For more information, see How to assign a record to yourself or How to assign a record to another user.

Verrou affectation 2
  • The system lock

The lock will mainly be used to block and therefore filter files. More information on How to block records from a prospecting file

Verrou systeme 1

Unlock a sheet

Unlocking a file is subject to a right of access.
For a user to be able to unlock a record, you must activate the “Authorize to unlock records” right in the “Rights” tab of the “User management” menu.

Select the files to unlock using the check boxes at the start of the line. In the actions at the bottom of the page, you will choose the removal depending on the type of lock installed:

  • "Remove assignments from a user" removes the lock by assignment
  • "Remove pause on sheets" removes system lock
  • "Remove ALL assignments and locks from sheets" removes any type of lock

For any questions, contact support.