How to check for duplicates in a campaign

The quality of the files is very important when you are prospecting.
The first thing to check is the presence of duplicates in your contact list to call.

To check these duplicates, 2 possibilities :

  • Use the "Remove duplicates" function of Excel
  • Use the duplicates search engine of our software.

Check and remove duplicates with Excel

To see how to remove duplicates with excel, please refer to this operating mode.

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Check and qualify duplicates with our software

The search for duplicates is made after the importation of contacts, that is to say once the campaign is made.

The search for duplicates can be made on the field of your choice in the file (name, adress, phone).
We recommend to use the "phone" field for a better duplicates identification.


Qualify or remove

Depending on your needs, you have the possibility to qualify duplicated contacts , or to remove them from the campaign.

For any question, contact the Support.