How to do a selective search for sheets in a campaign

Here's how to search for certain records and trigger actions on them.

You will find the list of cards for a campaign :

  • Either in the "Settings" > "Manage campaigns" menu, then in the menu  017 settings 1  select "Administer files"
  • Either in the "Home" > "Use campaigns" menu, click on  Oeil icone  to see the list of files.

File sorting filters

Many search filters allow you to filter records.

Filtres fiches

Actions on cards

You can check multiple lines to perform mass actions. The actions available are :

  • Remove Assignments or Unlock Records

Your agents have the possibility of assigning files to ensure follow-up. Records assigned by an agent cannot be opened by another agent. In case of absence, you can remove the assignments made to be able to process the files.
To know more : How to unlock a card 

  • Pause records (system crash)

Blocking cards is used to block prospects according to one or more specific criteria without the need to delete the cards. You can then work on the rest of the file.

  • Only make these files available

All unselected files will be paused. Only selected records will be available for processing.

  • Recycle cards in the campaign

Recycling files makes it possible to process files again that have already been processed and closed, without losing the data collected later.
To know more : How to recycle completed cards

  • Bulk changes

Bulk editing allows you to edit fields in a campaign. Be careful, however, because you enter a single value for several fields: for example, replace all titles "Mademoiselle" by "Madame"

  • Qualify records

This action allows you to apply a group listing status.
For more information: How to qualify records in bulk

  • Extract records

This action allows you to extract files in .xls format, or a selection of campaign files.
Learn more : How to extract and retrieve campaign data

  • Delete records

Please note: this action is final. The statistics inherent to the cards will also no longer be available.

For any questions, contact the Support.