How to import a .txt file

To create a campaign, or add forms to a campaign, the file to import must be in Excel 97-2003 format.

In some cases, your contacts file is in .txt format, here are the steps to follow to manage the import of your file.
Overview of datas in a .txt file.

Aperçu fichier .txt

Start Excel and open a new workbook.
Go to the "DATA" tab of Excel.

Onglet donnees excel

The "Text file" button allows to open the file in the .txt format in Excel, in order to make a copy of that file in Excel 97-2003 format, usable with Web2contact.
After clicking that button and choosing the file, the import wizard launches.

Assistant importation texte

Depending on the disposal and delimiters used, check the "Delimited" or  "Fixed width" button.

In our example, datas are delimited by commas.

If your file contains a header, check "My datas have headers".

Then, click on "Next".

The step 2 allows to choose the delimiter used to separate datas.

Assistant d'importation étape 2

In this case, we used a comma, we must check "comma" then click on "Next".

At step 3, keep the "Standard" choice then click on "Finish".

One last window appears to choose where the datas will be inserted, choose "Existing worksheet" then click on "OK".
Your datas are now in a classical Excel format, you just have to "Save as" by selecting Excel 97-2003 format.

Once this conversion is over, you can use your file to : 

  • Create a prospecting campaign (instructions on this page)
  • Add forms in an already existing campaign (instructions on this page)

For any questions, contact the Support.