How to administer campaign fields

Administering campaign fields allows you to:

  • rename field titles
  • make a field editable or not
  • make a field visible or not
  • reorder the file

To modify the fields of a campaign, go to the settings of your campaign on “Edit campaign” > Tab “Campaign's fields
The fields can be modified at any time during prospecting.

How to rename the title of the fields of a campaign ?

Before importing an excel file when creating a campaign, it is necessary to add column headings that correspond to the column content. This is usually the case, but it is important to know that these column headings are used to name the fields of your prospecting file.

Name column

You have the possibility of renaming the title of the fields of your file. This makes it possible to correct a column name, or to display a title longer than the initial column. 
To do this, enter the wording that suits you in the “field title” column.
The modification will be visible as soon as you return to the processing of the files.

Admin fields

How to make a field editable or not ?

By default, all fields are editable by the agent. He can thus correct erroneous data.
You can choose that a field is no longer editable in order to be sure to recover the original value for this column when you perform an extraction from the campaign.

To do this, all you have to do is deactivate editing on the field chosen with the radio button :

Fields editable

How to make a field visible or not ?

Does your file contain columns that are useless to the agent but useful to you?
In order not to pollute the display when processing the forms, you can hide fields.

To do this, all you have to do is click on the eye icon of the chosen control to hide it:

  • open eye = visible field
  • crossed eye = invisible field
Fields visible

How to reorder a file ?

The cards are presented in the order of the file you imported.

To change the display order of the cards, simply choose which column will serve as a guide, then whether the order will be ascending or descending.
Click “Apply” to re-sort the records according to the new criteria.

Reordering file

Please note that the sorting of files affects the order of presentation of files that have never been touched or opened. As soon as you open or decide on a file, it will enter a different prospecting cycle which depends on the campaign settings (time before new display after relaunch), or alerts and waiting defined on the file by the agent.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact support.