How to activate automatic calls

Several call dialing modes are available as early as the creation of your account : 

  • The PREVIEW (default mode)
  • The PROGRESSIVE (the automatic dialing box is checked)

Preview mode

This mode is the one that is activated by default when you create a telephone prospecting campaign.

When activated, teleprospectors have time to read the information contained in the contact card to call.
As soon as the teleprospector is ready, all he has to do is click on a ClickToCall button 096 telephoneon the contact sheet to start composing the call.

This type of composition is mainly used when a preliminary and in-depth study of the prospect is necessary before telephone contact.


Progressive mode

This composition mode can be activated from the advanced settings of each campaign (“automatic composition” box checked).
When activated, calls are automatically launched by the system as soon as the prospect's file appears on the teleprospector's screen.

This mode of composition allows for a more sustained pace of work and can be used for "simple" prospecting or cold calling* operations.

* cold calling: direct telephone marketing action (phoning) which consists of making outgoing calls to a population which is not a priori specifically receptive, i.e. for which there is no intention of purchasing or equipment was not detected.

More informations : How autodialing works

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