How to activate automatic calls

Several call dialing modes are available as early as the creation of your manager account : 

  • The PREVIEW (default mode)
  • The PROGRESSIVE (the automatic dialing box is checked)

A third dialing mode is available in option : 


Activation of the PROGRESSIVE mode

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This mode is the one activated by default when you create a prospecting campaign (the "automatic dialing" box is unchecked).
When activated,  telemarketers have time to take note of all the informations contained in the form of the contact to call.
When the telemarketer is ready, he just has to click on the ClickToCall button to start the call dialing.

This dialing mode is mainly used when a inital full study of the prospect is required before any telephone contact.


This dialing mode is activated from the advanced settings of each campaign (the "automatic dialing" box is checked).
When activated, calls are automatically dialed by the system when the prospect form appears on the telemarketer's screen.

This dialing mode allows to have an intensive pace of work and can be used on "simple" or cold calling types of prospecting operations.

*Cold calling : Direct phoning marketing action that consists of making outgoing calls on a population that isn't, theoretically, receptive, that is to say, for which none initial purchasing intention has been detected.


This dialing mode is available in option in some conditions; send a request for informations on predictive mode.
When activated, several calls are made simultaneously by the system.
The number of calls made depends on the number of telemarketers connected.

This dialing mode allows to optimise the numbers dialing phase and the handling of picked up calls.
The "predictive" comes with a voicemail detection system, which allows to gain the higher discuss time possible for the telemarketer.

Be careful, this dialing mode is rather for teams of a tens telemarketers that work on large files. Indeed, on low volumes, the "predictive" will tend to deplete a file quickly.

For any question, contact the Support.