How to authorize the use of a phone number for outgoing calls

In the advanced settings of a prospecting campaign, you can define the caller number which will be the number displayed during outgoing calls via this campaign.

Call number camp

The number displayed may be one of your numbers or that of your customer or a number that we offer you.

Add an authorized number

To be able to appear in the list of displayable numbers, go to the Settings > Manage numbers menu

Number manag en

Only numbers checked “usable for outgoing calls” will appear in the list of caller numbers for a campaign.

To change the status of the number, click on the Pencil

Edit numberen

And enable or disable “Allow use of this number for outgoing calls

If the radio button is grayed out, your number is already associated and presented on an outgoing call campaign.

To find out which campaign it is, go to the Associated Campaigns tab.

For any questions, contact support.