How to automatically create alerts when importing records into a campaign

Web2contact allows you to contact your contacts later by creating alerts: How to manage alerts

If you have a campaign excel file with precise information on reminders to be made, you have the option of integrating this information when importing your campaign.

Preparing the excel file

In the last column of your Excel table, you can enter the reminder dates and times.
First make sure of the format of the cells of your column so that the data is not changed automatically during entry. Indeed, respecting the input format is essential for the proper functioning of the alerts.

To do this, select the column that will contain your alert data. On a right click, choose “format cells”.

Formater cellules

In the “Numbers” tab, select the “Date” category and the format “YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS” then validate your choice.

Formatage cellules

Your column is ready to receive data. All data entered will automatically be in the “YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS” format.

Finally, label the column header “_W2C_ALERT_DATE”.

Excel alerte

Import your file into a new campaign. If necessary, consult the page: How to create a telephone prospecting campaign.

The campaign files will go up according to the dates and times of the set alert. You will be notified by the campaign badge:

Camp pastille

And via the information banner when processing the files :

Camp alerte

For any questions, contact support