How to pass information between agents

In prospecting campaigns for tickets or emails, agents have the option of inserting a comment at the same time as they decide on a file or a ticket. This comment field can be used to remember a detail or to pass information to the next agent who will deal with the ticket.

How to submit a comment ?

When processing tickets and tickets, the comment field is placed at the top of your screen, next to the ticket or ticket status.

Validation fiche

All you have to do is enter the comment in the field provided for this purpose, decide on the form or ticket and then validate.

Where can I find the comment entered ?

The last comment entered will then be visible the next time the sheet is opened :

Comment sheet

Find all the comments of a sheet

To find all the comments posted on a contact sheet, simply consult the "History" tab of the sheet.

Comment history

Comment on forwarding a ticket to another campaign

You may need to move a ticket to another campaign if that ticket requires support from multiple people from different departments. When executing the ticket transfer, you will choose which campaign you will send it to. You can then enter a comment. The latter will be visible to the next agent who will process the request in the destination campaign.

Depl ticket

Comment on assigning a ticket to another user

The principle is the same when manually assigning a ticket to another user. The ticket is automatically closed and an alert is raised so that the destination user is informed that a request is in progress for him.

In the ticket assignment window, you will choose which agent you want to assign the ticket to and you will be able to enter a comment that he can consult directly in the alert when the form or ticket is opened.

Affect tk user

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