How to find import history

In some cases, it is necessary to find the content of one or more files that have been imported into a campaign already in production.
Similarly, you may need to find only records that were created manually.

Edit campaign

To find the import history of a file, go to the settings of a campaign by clicking on the toothed wheel of the campaign concerned and then on "Edit campaign".

Modif campagne

"Import History" screen

On the campaign admin screen, choose the 'Import History' tab.

Camp historique importation 1

On this campaign, we can see that 2 Excel files have been added:

  • the "file_demo1" file added on 03/15 is the one used to create the campaign,
  • the file "file_demo2" added on 04/01 is an additional file.

Finally, there is a "virtual"* file named "Files created by agents"; this groups together all the files that have been created manually by the agents via the "create a file / ticket" button (if the right has been authorized for the agents).

If you delete this file, all the records that have been created will be deleted and a new file will be created empty the next time you create a record.

* the file is said to be virtual because it was not manually imported by the user.

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