Media Blending

What we call “media blending” corresponds to the possibility of switching from one means of communication to another, with complete ease.

Media blending allows you to switch from an outgoing call to an incoming call at the call distribution level, in order to leave no call unanswered.

How it works ?

When your teleprospectors open a contact card, the webphone automatically changes state and goes “into the background” in order to block a possible incoming call that could arrive before launching the call from the card.

The telemarketer will be notified of the incoming call on hold after reviewing their file and clicking on the “Validate and continue” button.
In this specific case, and before moving on to the next form, the system will then suggest to the telemarketer to take the incoming call on hold.

Call waiting

Your agent then has 2 choices:

  • or he decides not to pick up the call and in this case he clicks on “continue prospecting” to move on to the next contact sheet
  • Either he clicks on “Take incoming call”.

In this case, the webphone will automatically go “ready” and the incoming call can be distributed to the agent.

The agent will have to accept the call when it rings on their extension to answer it.

If the agent clicks on “Take incoming call”, and their webphone does not ring, there are no more calls waiting. The agent can then continue prospecting by clicking on “Continue prospecting”.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact support.