How to customize the number display

When you make outgoing telephone prospecting calls, you can choose the phone number that will be displayed to your recipient. This number can for example be that of your company's switchboard, or the number of your client's switchboard if you are a call center. It must be a valid number, which your recipient can call back if necessary.

You have 3 possibilities to define the display of the number on outgoing calls.

- At the domain level
The selected number will be used and displayed for calls from users who do not have a specific number defined in their account.

- At user level
The selected number will be used and displayed for all calls outside campaigns and for calls from a campaign if it is configured with a default number;

- At campaign level
The selected number will be displayed for all calls made from the prospecting campaign. Each campaign can therefore display a different number. If you do not configure a display number on a campaign, the default number applies, therefore that of the user profile or that of the domain as defined previously.

Display by user profile

In the "Domain management" > "Manage users" menu, you can choose per user the number to display in the event of an outgoing call, whether the call is made via a prospecting campaign or not.

Info user compl en

To change the selected number, simply click on the Pencil icon and select a number from the drop-down list.

Display by prospecting campaign

To modify the number that will be displayed during your outgoing calls via a prospecting campaign, you must go to “edit campaign”.

Edit camp eng

Select the “Advanced” tab and go to the caller number settings line.

Call number camp
  • If you leave "Default number", the number defined in the user profile will be displayed
  • If you select a number from the drop-down list, it will only be displayed for outgoing calls from this campaign.

After selection, save the changes at the bottom of the page.

For any questions, contact the Support.