How to manage the priority of prospecting campaigns

In the prospecting campaigns dashboard, you have a priority management tag.

What is this priority for?

Camp priorite eng

Multi-campaign mode

Campaign priority can be an indicator of importance to your telemarketers, or a sorting element on the campaign list. However, it is especially useful when activating the “Access multi-campaign prospecting” right.

When activating the right, a “Start prospecting” button appears at the top of the page in the “Exploit campaigns” menu.

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The campaign files assigned to the user will then be offered in a defined order.

  • Contact sheets with a current or outdated alert are offered as a priority, from the oldest alert to the most recent, regardless of which campaign the alert is located on.
  • Once the alerts are processed, the campaigns will be processed in order of their priority. The order of priority of the campaigns is rated from 1 to 10: the campaign files with priority 1 will be proposed first; priority cards 10 last.

How do I change the priority of a campaign ?

Select the campaign you want to modify, and open the settings menu.

Choose “edit campaign”.

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On the advanced settings tab, you can define the priority level of your campaign.

Para priorite eng 1

For any questions, contact support.